Dr. Rob Wellness Award (Parry Sound Hockey Club)

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Dr.Rob Mental Wellness Award

 drRob.jpg  Introduction:
Dr. Rob was a prominent Family Physician in Parry Sound with the passion for helping people. He was a caring and supportive father, husband, friend, and colleague who always no matter the time or place took the time to listen and show he cared about you and what you had to say. Dr. Rob's genuine care and concern for others along with his love for the game have led his family to create an award in his honour.


According to the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, an estimated one in five Canadians, in any given year, will experience a mental health or addiction problem.  Currently in Canada, youth between the ages of 15 and 24 are the population group most likely to experience mental health issues and/or substance abuse disorders, with suicide being the second leading cause of death among those ages 10 to 19.  Hockey players are not immune.

Connectedness is one component of Mental Well Being.  Connectedness to a team is foundational to promoting player well being, healthy social interactions, positive development and the creation of an environment that contributes to players thriving and flourishing.  Team connectedness also involves creating a sense of community where players feel safe, included, valued, supported and heard.  We know that when hockey players feel connected to teams they are more likely to feel healthier and experience greater on and off the ice.  Hockey players need to know that they are not alone.

The award will be presented to the player who demonstrates the following qualities, fosters team correctiveness and will be considered for the award:

  • Inclusiveness of all teammates

  • Listens more than talks

  • Has positive teammate reaction

  • Values teammate contribution

  • Supportive of all teammates

  • Seeks help from teammates

  • Addresses disrespectful and/or bullying behaviour

  • Demonstrates empathy towards others.


Coaches will need to complete a nomination form and return it to the PSHC Secretary.  All nomination forms will be forwarded to the Stevens family for consideration.  The successful nominee will be announced at the appropriate award ceremony.

Dr. Rob Mental Wellness Award Nomination Form, download here

Award Winners

2018/2019 - Tyler McKeown 

2019/2021 - COVID 19 

2021/2022   Aaron Ball 

2022/2023 - Simon Marshall 

2023/2024 -Mason Marshall 

2024/2025 -