Cam Penfold Memorial Award (Parry Sound Hockey Club)

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Cam Penfold Memorial Award

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Top Defensive Forward who

Demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game.

Has the understanding of sacrificing personal gains for the benefit of the team

Is willing to play both ends of the ice, being considered a two way player

Buys into this system would mean sacrificing personal statistics for the good of the team.  Always a team first player and has no problem doing this as his goal was to win, not earn personal accolades for their statistics.  Dedicated to learning this system!

 They are the glue that holds teams/friendships together.  They exemplify what is good about the game; honesty, integrity, class, sportsmanship, character, discipline and most of all respect. 

2011-2012        Mitchell Quathamer

2012-2013        Quinn Steele

2013-2014        Collin Badger

2014-2015 Jake Maltas

2015-2016 Jeremy Hobourn

2016-2017 Jeremy Hobourn

2017-2018 ?

2018-2019 ?

2019 - 2020 Cassidy Taylor

2020-2021 COVID 19 

2021-2022.  Marquis Noganosh

2022-2023 Noah Saar 

2023-2024 Sully Burrows