Mission & Vision (Parry Sound Hockey Club)

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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Association is to organize, develop and promote minor ice hockey for the
youth of the Town of Parry Sound and area as defined below.


the opportunity for all eligible individuals to participate in recreational house league ice hockey, and to provide community based programs, which will allow a player to participate in an environment for fun, physical exercise and fair play;
b) opportunity to participate at the highest competitive level;
to instill in all players, coaches, managers and members associated with the PSHC good sportsmanship, correct and proper behaviour on and off the ice, respect for authority and team play;

d) the Association shall be operated without the purpose of pecuniary gain to any of the Members and any surplus or accretions of the Association shall be used solely for the purposes of the Association and for the promotion of its objects
The Club attempts to provide a balanced hockey program for simple recreation, and for challenging competition. The balance will shift from era to era depending on the general perspective of those interested in the hockey community, as reflected by the Board of Directors. The balance always recognizes both goals - goals that are not easily reconciled in the allocation of finances, and ice-time.

The Club belongs to the following organizations and is subject to the policies and rules of the following organizations; Muskoka-Parry Sound League (MPS), Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) and Hockey Canada (HC) (formerly the Canadian Hockey Association/CHA).