Gib Michel Memorial Award (Parry Sound Hockey Club)

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Gib Michel Memorial Award

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 Donated By Henry and Susan Michel in memory of their son Gib and presented to the two Midget Rep players for exemplary behavior on and off the ice.

Gilbert (Gib) Michel, born February 14, 1968, started to play Minor Hockey at the age of six years old. Although he never was a stand out or super star on the ice, Gib’s skills were demonstrated through his teamwork, sportsmanship, and leadership on and off the ice.

Gib never missed a practice or a team volunteer function and always gave encouragement to others around him. He made friends with everyone he met.

Gib and his infectious smile was taken from our community too early in life on October 18th, 1986.

This award is presented to the individuals that personify what Gib taught us in his shortened life. Live your life to the fullest, have a pleasant outlook and always be kind to others, whether in sports or life.

1987-1988        Daryl Felton & Dennis Henry 
1994-1995        Evan Hurry & Myles Scott
1995-1996        Mike Horne & Jeff Thomas
1996-1998        Steve Thomas & Ryan Barrett
1997-1998        Eric Schmitt & Chris Vankoughnett
1998-1999        Collyer Youngs & Josh Barker
1999-2000        Ryan Mahon & Andy Heerschap
2000-2001        Timmy Konoval & Abe Draycott
2001-2002        Jonas Norrie & Justin Hannon
2002-2003        Clayton Langford & Brandon Tutt
2003-2004        Josh Barks & Adam Pawlech
2004-2005        Brandon Tutt & Jeff Hamilton
2005-2006        Spencer Segula & Brad Sheridan
2006-2007 Sean Beasley & Jason Briggs
2007-2008 Jason Briggs & Garrett Norrie
2008-2009 Brody Barks & Jackson Kuhn
2009-2010 Daniel Brunatti & Dallas Coulter
2011-2012 Luke Milligan & Nate Gilbert
2012-2013 Tristan Berry & Brandon Badger
2013-2014 Cameron Johnson & Carson Lacey
2014-2015 Josh Tunis & Quinn Steele
2015-2016 Cullen Buchanan & Mitchell Jackson
2019-2020 Jordie Nicksy 
2020-2021 COVID 19 
2021-2022 Ben Dumont & Hunter Haskim
2022-2023 Weston Scarrow & Ryder Hergaarden 
2023-2024 Troy Tattrie & Ryder Hergaarden