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EFFECTIVE DATE OF TERM: May 1, 2017 – April 31, 2018

REPORTING TO: Directly to the PSMHC Board of Directors, decisions regarding the position will be made by a quorum of the board at a duly convened meeting of the Board of Directors.

REMUNERATION: $6000 for the period of 12 months, payable at the beginning of each month at a rate not exceeding $500/month. 


To foster continuous development for both coaches and players, in the Local League (LL) and Representative (REP) leagues. Through a structured system, the Development Co-ordinator will maintain a positive development standard for players, coaches and trainers within PSMHC.


To develop a consistent, developmental hockey program focused on both the players and team. The focus of the development will be short term (current season) as well as long term and will be based on fundamentals developed by Hockey Canada (HC), for the purpose of establishing, implementing and evaluating both on and off of the ice technical development programs. The development program will include LL and REP league players, coaches and trainers. 

The Development Coordinator (DC) will liaise with the Rep and LL Hockey Directors regarding Development, and with the PSMHC Board of Directors as a whole regarding any approvals/expenditures.

The Development Coordinator is a paid position that holds a maximum one year term; an evaluation and decisions regarding the following year will be completed after the first year term by the PSHC Board of Directors.


1. Help facilitate Seasonal Plans for all coaches in both Rep and LL to ensure players are meeting and exceeding HC benchmarks for each division

2. Attend REP tryouts for each division; act as a resource to coaching staff for all divisions, during player evaluations.

3. Facilitate monthly meetings for all coaches to brainstorm and develop/implement effective practices for coaches using the skills progression pyramid as a guideline.

4. Facilitate monthly meetings for all trainers to brainstorm and continue to receive on-going training and support.

5. Advise/recommend to the PSHC Board of Directors clinics and training. These may include, but not limited to; 

OMHA Specialty/Instructional Stream Clinics 

OMHA game day coaching seminars 

Hockey Canada (HC) seminars 

HCTP Upgrading 


6. Facilitate seminars and provide information packages for parents: 

Age appropriateness/skill development 

how to fuel players for games/practices 

parent round table discussion 

proper equipment fitting 


7. Facilitate/Coordinate monthly skills sessions for LL/Rep players and coaches including but not limited to: 


Skills – passing, puck control, shooting 

Goalie Clinics 


Developing Defensemen 


The PSHC Development Coordinator is available to attend practices when requested by REP/LL Division Teams.

8. Attendance at one Executive meeting monthly is mandatory, to provide regular updates on the status of all areas and how the season plan is progressing (success and challenges).

9. Prepare a detailed report of all aspects of the prior season. This report must be submitted to the PSHC Board of Directors as least two (2) meetings prior to the PSHC AGM. The report will be presented to the membership at the AGM by the Development Coordinator.

10. Any additional insurance coverage or required expenses related to the position will be the responsibility of the Development Coordinator. 

11. Should the Board of Directors or the Development Coordinator wish to terminate the above noted position with the PSMHC, a minimum 2 weeks written notice shall be provided by either party. Any final payment will be pro-rated to reflect the date the notice was submitted.


* Skills & Knowledge 

- strong interpersonal relationship and managerial skills, high ethical standards and leadership skills 

- strong communication skills and computer skills 

- Knowledge of HC model/structure 

- strong positive coaching education & background, recognized hockey coaching/technical experience and expertise 

* Experience 

- Experience in Development/Implementation of hockey skills/development for an OMHA Centre, minimum three (3) years experience coaching in the development stream, membership in good standing with the OMHA 

* Education: 

- Valid Coaching Certification 

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