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Chris Renwick Memorial Trophy

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Christopher (RD) Renwick represented the Town of Parry Sound at every level of traveling hockey from Novice to Tier II Junior "A".  RD was a team leader who was role model to his teammates both on and off the ice.

RD's strong work ethic and perseverance helped lead his teams to several All-Ontario and finals appearances.  RD was tragically taken from us in a car accident on February 27, 2007 at age 31.

The winner of the Chris Renwick Memorial Trophy is someone who, through their dedication and leadership, is considered the most valuable player to their team.



Novice Optimist - Josh Quinn

Rotary Atoms - Collin Badger

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Connor Scott

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Cam Penfold

McNabb Lumber Minor Midgets - Terry Meadowcroft

Canada Brokerlink Major Midgets - Derek McLeod



Novice Optimist - Adam Badger

Ross Windows & Doors Atom AE - Spencer Weeks

Rotary Atoms - Travon Henry

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Connor McLeod

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Kevin Louch

McNabb Lumber Minor Midgets - Jackson Kuhn

Canada Brokerlink Major Midgets - Tyler Visentin



Novice Optimist - C Stevens & A Dudas

Ross Windows & Doors Atom AE - Jordon Lamers

Rotary Atoms - Teionio Tabobadung-Ralf

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Collin Badger

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Liam Donovan

McNabb Lumber Minor Midgets - K Louch & J Richardson

Canada Brokerlink Major Midgets - S Taylor & D Coulter



Novice Optimist - Darrin Bloor

Rotary Atoms - Ryan Bell

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Zac Raney

Ross Windows & Doors Pee Wee AE - Tyson Roose

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Josh Badger

McNabb Lumber Minor Midgets - Scott Johnson

Canada Brokerlink Major Midgets - Jackson Kuhn



Novice Optimist - Brody Schneider

Rotary Atoms - Aidon Dudas

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Ben Kiggins

Ross Windows & Doors Pee Wee AE - Tyson Roose

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Carson Lacey

Canada Brokerlink Major Midgets - -----



Novice Optimist - Cameron Herr

Rotary Atoms - Tomas Ciglar

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Ryan Bell

Ross Windows Pee Wee AE - Ben Fox

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Quinn Steele

Ross Windows Bantam AE - Jasmaine Badger

Canada Brokerlink Midgets - Brandon Badger



Novice Optimist - Nolan Bell

Rotary Atoms - Jayden Steele

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Aidan Dudas

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Tyler Kalbe

Ross Windows Bantams AE - Tyson Roose

Canada Brokerlink Midgets - Connor McDougall



Novice Optimist - Wyatt Norman

Rotary Atoms - Cam Herr

Fowler Contruction Peewee - Matthew Marshall

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Adam Badger

Canada Brokerlink Midgets - Collin Badger



Novice Optimist - Adam Gognevec

Rotary Atoms - Aaron Ball

Fowler Construction Peewee - Jackson Durant

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Lyle Archer

Canada Brokerlink Midgets - Carter Bissonette

Novice Optimist - Bram 
Rotary Atoms - Nathan Straun?
Fowler Construction Peewee - Otter Lake Marine kid
Ritchie Insurance Bantams - ?
Canada Brokerlink Midgets - ?
Novice Optimist - ?
Rotary Atoms - ?
Fowler Construction Peewee - ?
Ritchie Insurance Bantams - ?
Canada Brokerlink Midgets - ?


Novice Optimist - Orion Cooper

Rotary Atoms - Nolan Henry

Fowler Construction Peewee - Ben Dumont

Ritchie Insurance Bantams - Liam Marshall

Canada Brokerlink Midgets - Anthony Gognavec
















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