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May 28, 2024 | Jenn Walker | 124 views
Staff Positions to be Filled
The Parry Sound Hockey Club is in need of applicants for the following staff positions: Registrar, Chief Time Keeper, Referee in Chief, Ice Time Director, Risk Management Officer, Tournament Co-ordinator.  
Please send your application to [email protected]
Continue reading to see the full job postings.

Referee In Chief:

The Referee In Chief shall:

·      ensure there are enough referees in place to officiate all games;

·      liaison with the Ice-Time Director and Treasurer to estimate fees for the upcoming year;

·      ensure refereeing complaints are addressed and solved in a timely fashion;

·      recruit, train, monitor and evaluate performance of referees;

·      schedule referees maintaining accurate records for payment;

·      supervise the Chief Timekeeper in the carrying out of the positions’ duties.

·      carry out other duties as assigned by the Board, Executive Committee, or the President.

·      must possess a minimum Level 3 Certification. 


Chief Timekeeper:
The Chief Timekeeper shall:

·      Recruit and train timekeepers as required annually.

·      Set up an accurate recording system covering disbursements relating to timekeepers for delivery to the Treasurer

·      schedule all timekeeping requirements for the Club.

·      supervise and keep records on an ongoing basis of the performance of all timekeepers

·      liaise with the Ice-Time Director to ensure all timekeeping requirements are met.

·      report to the Chief referee concerning timekeeping procedures and performance.

·      present annually or as requested a report concerning performance of all timekeepers with recommendations for retention or removal of timekeepers to the Board.

·      carry out other duties as assigned by the Board, Executive Committee, or the President. 

Ice-Time Director: 

The Ice-Time Director shall:

  • assess the ice requirements for the Association and shall enter negotiation with the

city to meet these needs;

  • apportion the ice and times in a fair and equitable manner;
  • work with the Director of Recreational League Hockey Operations and the Director of

Representative Hockey Operations in determining the ice budget;

  • present a report regarding Ice Scheduling to the Board;
  • recommend policy to the Board regarding Ice Scheduling.
  • carry out other duties as assigned by the Board, Executive Committee, or the



The Registrar shall:

  • The position will be contracted out for a two (2) year term
  • The Registrar will report jointly to the Vice President and Treasurer.
  • Will be non Board Member
  • Shall set the dates for hockey registrations at the direction of the Board.
  • Shall prepare the fee bundles and packages for each division at the direction of

the Board.

  • The principal duties of the Registrar shall be to account for all player and team

officials’ registrations.

  • Will notify members of payments due.
  • Shall input data and work in conjunction with the Treasurer.

Any payments accompanying registrations shall be accounted for and passed

along to the Association Treasurer

  • The Registrar shall process paperwork for transferring players and coaches to or

from PSHC.

  • The Registrar shall prepare reports for all coaches, league conveners, or Board

members, that are deemed necessary

  • Shall assist parents with player registration as necessary
  • The Registrar shall also prepare official team rosters and submit them to OMHA

prior to the deadline of December 31, and distribute to the appropriate team


  • Shall ensure that all AP’s are rostered prior to the January 15th deadline.
  • The Registrar shall correspond with HC and update the registration page when

  • Shall attend Hockey Canada training seminars when necessary.

Prevention Services-Risk Management:

The Prevention Services-Risk Management Director shall:

  • implement and enforce all OMHA Risk Management Programs;
  • establish and maintain procedures with respect to clearance of all volunteers required

to complete a police report;

  • carry out volunteer screening as per policy and guidelines;
  • assist as requested with implementation of Risk Management Programs;
  • ensure that all necessary and appropriate insurance has been purchased;
  • carry out other duties as assigned by the Board, Executive Committee, or the


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