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Dec 13, 2022 | Stephanie Earley | 489 views
Social Media Policy - Rules of Operations 14.3
A reminder to all club members of our social media policy. This policy is adopted from the OMHA Social Media Policy. 


The PSHC will adopt the OMHA Social Media Policy as set forth on December 9, 2018.

14.1 Introduction:

For the purpose of this Social Media Policy, the policy will encompass public communications through all social media platforms that allow users to communicate online.
The policy will be applicable to all members of the Ontario Minor Hockey Association Community, including local minor hockey association Directors and staff, teams, on-ice and off-ice officials, players, 
players’ family members and supporters. The OMHA recognizes and appreciates the value of social media and the importance of social networking to all of its stakeholders. The OMHA also respects the right of all teams and association personnel to express their views publicly. The purpose of this policy is to educate the local minor hockey associations on the risks of social media and to ensure all Teams and Association personnel are aware that conduct deemed to be inappropriate may be subject to disciplinary action by the team, the local minor hockey association and/or the OMHA.

14.2 Social Media Guidelines:

Anyone who participates in social media is held to the same standards as all other forms of media including radio, television and print. Comments or remarks of an inappropriate nature which are detrimental to a team, the association or an individual will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action. It should be recognized that social media is on the record and can be instantly published and available to the public and media. Everyone including Association and/or team personnel, players, corporate partners and the media can review social media communications. You should conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner at all times:

i. Language – The OMHA is proud to be an open, inclusive organization. Members of the OMHA shall refrain from comments or behaviours, which are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist or sexist. In particular, behaviour, which constitutes harassment, abuse or bullying, will not be tolerated.

  1. Be mindful of privacy/confidentiality – Always lean on the side of caution when sharing the personal information of players, such as full names and contact information. We encourage our associations to share photos and videos but be aware of the content being shared.

  2. Respect – Any concerns or disputes involving a member organization and another team, referee, or the OMHA should not be dealt with online. Any references or examples of bullying, threats, drug abuse, exploitation and harassment will not be tolerated. Negative and derogatory comments involving any team, association, league, staff, volunteers, programs, stakeholders, players or any OMHA member are considered violations.

  3. Any retweets/shares could be considered endorsements – When sharing content created by a third party, you are endorsing that company as having a similar organizational message. Be mindful of the source you are sharing content from.

14.3 Social Media Violations:

The following are examples of conduct through social media that are considered violations of the OMHA Social Media Policy and may be subject to disciplinary action by the team, local minor hockey association, and/or OMHA. Any statement deemed to be publicly critical of Association officials or detrimental to the welfare of a member team, the Association or an individual.

Divulging confidential information that may include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Negative or derogatory comments about teams, local minor hockey associations, and/or

    OMHA programs, stakeholders, players or any member of another team.

  2. Any form of bullying, harassment, intimidation or threats against players or officials.

  3. Photographs, video or comments promoting negative influences or criminal behavior, including but not limited to:

    1. Drug use,

    2. Alcohol abuse,

    3. Public intoxication,

    4. Hazing,

    5. Sexual exploitation, etc.

    6. Online activity that contradicts the current policies of the OMHA or any of its member


  4. Inappropriate, derogatory, racist, or sexist comments of any kind, in keeping with the OMHA

    code of conduct.

  5. Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals or to misrepresent fact or truth.

14.4. Discipline:

All violations of this Policy will be addressed through the OMHA Code of Conduct Policies and Procedures.

14.5 Summary:

When using social media, each member should assume at all times they are representing the OMHA and/or its member local minor hockey associations. All members of the OMHA should remember to use the same discretion as they do with other traditional forms of media.

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